In 1909, Henry Gordon Selfridge opened his first store, called Selfridges. It was the first modern example of the future in shopping. Selfridge did this by stocking a wide selection of different items in different areas of the store. It quickly became world famous and even won a prize for being the best department store. Over the years, Henry’s vision and charisma have made Selfridges a successful store that is still open today.

The company’s success is centered on its ability to adapt to their customer’s needs. Forinstance, as fashion changes so do the customers needs. As a result, the company works to provide the latest fashion trends to their customers. Selfridges also ensures that they offer the best products and customer service around. Their signature window displays, well-designed stylish stores, and a wide selection of products ensures that Selfridges provides their customers a wonderful shopping experience. This sets the store above all the rest. The store has been used to host many prestigious events, keeps many luxury brands in stock, and has regular collections that feature some of the most glamorous celebrities around. All of these have worked to make Selfridges a highly reputable place for quality and class.

Brands and Products at SelfridgesThe store keeps a collection of designer brands for women, men, and children in stock. This means that you are able to find something for everyone. Selfridges allows you to be able to browse through the season’s latest fashion trends. They also have a wide selection of top quality footwear, which includes trainers, boots, and heels. You will also find bags, jewelry, and many other accessories that will complement your outfit. There is also a large selection of perfumes, aftershaves, and other fragrances that you can pick from. The friendly staff is always around to help you find the perfect item or advise you on makeup and other skincare items that are available in the store.

Home Equipment and AppliancesAt Selfridges, you are able to get everything you need to make your house a cozy home. Your options are unlimited at this store and will allow you to achieve any look you want. For example, you can create a chic new kitchen, a cozy living room, or a fun kid’s bedroom. The store has a wide variety of high-quality items that includes kitchen appliances, technology, tableware, linens, and furniture.

Other ItemsThe store is also home to a wide range of other items like collectibles, gadgets, and toys. Selfridges has something that will appeal to everyone, which makes it the best place to go gift shopping. Many people choose Selfridges as their wedding registry provider.

Online ServicesSelfridges has a large selection products that are all available through their website. The website also has features that make it easy for to you browse through their most recent collections for every season. You are also able to find all the latest fashions, the best deals, and any upcoming sales that are taking place at Selfridges. Online shopping makes it easy for you to find what you are looking for.